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The Upside Afternoon to a Downside Morning

Debra Emerson
3 min readJan 14, 2024


This morning the endocrinologist told me that I have a handful of choices to counteract mild osteoporosis in my lower back. And they were all drugs. My takeaway from my visit with him was that I had no choice in the matter.

I already exercise regularly and do weight resistance exercises too, but I asked him about diet and supplements. He said the only way forward was with one of these drugs. The once a year infusion for three years seemed more desirable than a weekly pill for five years, so I told him I would go that route.

But I knew I had to learn more and that I probably did have other choices. The medical profession can be quite good at diagnosing and in acute situations like fixing a broken bone or taking out an infected appendix, but they mainly speak the language of drug-or-surgery-ese.

Yet I know other languages.

I got home and did some research. The side effects of the drugs were many. Though it is possible I could get none, why solve one problem by potentially creating many more? The worst were kidney problems and losing bone mass in the jaw causing loose teeth. What? I thought we were improving bone density, not causing further loss in another part of the body.

Upside Afternoon

I researched other holistic options and marched happily down to the local health food store to get my supplies.

Here is my PSA, Public Service Announcement, but you can research each of these recommendations yourself:

First, the bones are not just made up of calcium. Just taking calcium is not optimal. I landed on Bone Restore by Life Extension which has several minerals as well as vitamin K which encourages the calcium in particular to go to the bones and not to the arteries.

Second, Super Silica by Positive Power Nutritionals are ionized drops I put into my water, about 15 drops a day. Silica is a trace mineral that is missing in most of our diets and it is important for bone health among other things. I can tell you I feel a positive energetic difference since the very first day I started taking this.



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